Anyone else have crap band out before DS?

Discussion in 'Lap-Band' started by Amey, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Amey

    Amey Well-Known Member

    Has anyone that had a Crap Band had it removed before the DS surgery? I'm just wondering what to expect... Recovery time... Am I going to wake up starving? I'm terrified of gaining more weight. I know I need all the damage to heal before DS surgery but it's still scary! Thanks!! Xposted.
  2. harrietvane

    harrietvane Well-Known Member

    Hi @Amey! I had this done last week, so happy to share my journey.
  3. harrietvane

    harrietvane Well-Known Member

    I had it out at the same time, though Dr Gagner did say if he went in and found too much scar tissue he'd do one surgery to remove it, and the DS six months later. Thankfully, though there was a lot of scar tissue and my surgery was looong, he did it all in one go.
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  4. duh_Mom

    duh_Mom Well-Known Member

    @Amey I too had the crap band out at the same time as the DS - lots of ahesions had to be removed - including the lapband grown to the liver. no, I did not wake up hungry. it was a while before I could eat actually or even felt hungry. My journey was slower because of complications that caused me to need a second surgery the second day after the original surgery so recovery was much slower for me.
    Rooting for you and thrilled you are finally getting this surgery.
  5. Joyouslyme

    Joyouslyme Well-Known Member

    I'm having a revision on June 10th. Hopefully, I can get my DS at that time.
  6. Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member

    Did I already answer this? I had my band out and DS completed in under two hours.
  7. Mermaid

    Mermaid Treading Water

    I know I'm late to this party, but figured I'd post my experience for future visitors.

    I had my crap-band removed 4 months ago. I am still waiting for my DS to be approved. I had half the fluid removed 6 weeks before the band, I gained 20 lbs in 6 weeks. I could eat 'normal' for the first time in years. And eat I did. (Don't be me.)

    Then the band came out and I was not hungry. My stomach was annoyed, much like after a new fill. I was on liquids for 48 hours then soft food for 3-4 days. Slowly the hunger has come back. And the "joy" of eating without fear, the wonderful experience of eating without running to the bathroom. In 4 months I have gained 12 lbs. I consider this "not too bad". It could be worse. I am now eating healthier and sticking to my lower carb diet in anticipation of my DS surgery. Once again, not eating carbs helps me eat less carbs. (Lost 2 lbs this month, WITHOUT a band!)

    Of course, I have no pants that fit with a net gain of 32 lbs this year, but I know it will get better and eventually I won't feel like Humpty Dumpty.
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  8. Onelastshot

    Onelastshot Well-Known Member

    Way late posting here but figured I'd throw in my 2 cents for future readers. I had a very successful experience with the band (lost 103 lbs and kept it off). Had complete unfill when I got pregnant with my second son and all hell broke delivery I experienced slippage, GERD, constant vomiting, etc and had it removed at the beginning of 2016. I am awaiting surgery on March 1st 2017. (which was postponed from December 2016 by a doctor OTHER THAN my surgeon...grrr). Anyway, woke up feeling relieved and ready to heal. My weight skyrocketed but not bc I felt hungry really. I was still so raw from being sick my esophagus still needed time to heal and food was not something I wanted to devour by a long shot. But since I literally threw up EVERYTHING for about 3.5 years when my body got any type of food it was like, woo hoo! Hanging on to every single calorie. Still totally worth removing the band.

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