60 minutes report on probiotics..obviously they didn't include DSers, LOL


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Sunday 60 minutes did a piece on the effectiveness of probiotics, and basically concluded that they really dont live up to the marketing hype. I dont know abt the general public but I can attest as a DSer and the wife of one, probiotics help us!!!! When my husband doesnt take his for a few days we have the BIGGEST fights about the putrid stench of his stools!! I invest in really good probiotics for us, and I can attest that they work. What are yall's thoughts?



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I have tried them several times over the years and I always take them if I have to do a course of antibiotics. But they have never done anything for me that was significant enough to notice. And I was looking. I was expecting them to do something. After hearing everyone else talk about how great they were I was disappointed.

So, seeing that we already buy a ton of supplements, I figured why waste the money. I was already spending a lot. So I quit buying them. But that's just me. I had cast iron guts before the DS and I still have cast iron guts. I have had so few digestive problems post op that they are not even worth discussing. If I have diarrhea or gas, I KNOW why. I ate something I shouldn't have.

I supposedly have a short CC. But who knows. With a short CC I should have been an easy loser. I should have had some issues and deficiencies over the years. Nope, nada. If it wasn't for the changes in the poop I would question if they actually DID the surgery. I have always thought I didn't get the same DS as most of the rest of us.


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I watched a bit of that. I left when they said they don't do anything. I know they helped with pain in my side from what everyone thought was a SIBO. I haven't had that pain in 10 years since I've been taking a probiotic.