6/28/2020 Weekly Activity Report


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**Please post your activity for the week. This is not an athletic competition. The purpose is to provide encouragement to stay active and work toward living a healthy lifestyle.

I'm on staycation and have had time for more physical activity. This past week included walking x2 daily, biking x 6, horseback riding x4, and SWIMMING! I joined the YMCA and attended a water jog class. It was really a lot of fun and a good work out. The YMCA is managing social distancing by only allowing members to exercise using appointments and reservations. No drop-ins or visitors are allowed.


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Still walking. I tried a dance video on YouTube I was horrible but I laughed so hard it definitely lifted my mood. I find the walking keeps me calm. I am walking more than usual now. I think I will try a yoga workout next. I am not flexible at all so it is probably something I should do regularly.


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MsVee - I need to stretch very badly and it's the thing I keep NOT doing - exactly because I am so bad at it! I know better but inertia is a thing.

I have been walking and getting in 5 miles many days (should be all of them since I'm lucky to get 20 hours of work a week now) so that's the one thing I am doing right.

I find using a pedometer helps me and I get encouraged when I look at the miles I've done by week or by month. (steps aren't as impressive)