$3/each, only 10g protein and the other thing...


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Oh dear god! I didn't understand until I REALLY looked and saw the tab the smallish print that said " made with cricket flour". Not even for 1,000 grams of protein and if it cost a penny :protest emoticon::protest emoticon::protest emoticon:


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We are so spoiled! There are milions of people who would gladly have a bag of cricket flour, and probably make something nutritious and tasty with it.
Having said that, I must admit I'm not one of those people.


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I think it would be worth trying - I have heard insects are, in general, good quality protein. I'd go slowly and see how it tasted.

now if I knew it was worms I don't think I could get past that. :sick:


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I'm with @newanatomy. :D Hubby just looked over my shoulder and said "Oh, I'd try that!" Then he said, "I think it's the ultimate hypocrisy that we don't eat insects. It's like, wasteful. It'd be so much better for the environment if we didn't have to raise as many farm animals as we do to feed people. Insects are so much more of a renewable resource. The inner hippie in me definitely applauds that." Then he grinned and said "Be glad it's not low-carb. Then you'd have no excuse not to try it."

Is there any way we can get that company to make these HIGHER carb, please?


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Giggle. I seem to recall that at any one time, a human is supposedly only one foot away from a spider. Or some such nonsense. My guess is I've backed them away a good 3 feet tonight, with all the carby flatulence I'm producing (Mr. Sheanie is in bed).