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    I thought many of you may be interested in a recent podcast I listened to about iron deficiency and IV iron. The podcast is called The Curbsiders, episode # 84, release date of 2/26/18.

    Even if not interested in the audio format if you navigate to the episode page it has lots of good information. The podcast is targeted towards physicians and medical students. While several terms they used went over my head (found myself pausing and googling terms), I think the fact that it is targeted to medical professionals allows it to be more direct and have more candor than a general audience podast. As an aside, I am not a medically trained person myself, but listen to a few medical podcasts for this very reason, plus I’m an information nerd.

    Basically, the main guest, Dr. Michael Auerbach, is a major advocate for more wide use of intravenous iron. Listening to this fired me up even more about this issue, as I and I know many others here have had experiences with iron deficiency while our medical providers act like this is not something to be concerned about, even with significant (to our quality of life if not perhaps dangerous) symptoms, and keep pushing oral iron even with plenty of evidence it is not working.

    Definitely worth a listen.
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    CaitlynR , thanks for sharing!!! Very helpful and I am going to share with my hemotologist.
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