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    So I posted about a month ago out here about my crappy experience with both my original DS doctor, Dr. David Kim, and about my less than stellar consult with a new bariatric surgeon.

    This has been interesting. And I've had a lot of realizations along the way.

    First, personal responsibility. A couple of responses to my first posts made me feel sad and even embarrassed. I have come to realize I really didn't do as good a job with my DS as I could have. Partly my fault obviously since I'm the one that puts the food in my mouth, but also thanks to some really bad advice from my healthcare team. I now have a MUCH better understanding of how bad carbs really are and how bad their advise was. I was originally told that if I ate 120 grams of protein a day I wouldn't be able to eat hardly any carbs and I was never told to check them. The other board I went on for additional advise just said "eat more protein" and so I did. But watching my friend prep for this surgery has made me realize just how many carbs I really was eating and when I get done with my consult on Monday, I'm hitting it hard and getting rid of the extra carbs regardless of the outcome of the consult.

    Next, I really can't trust medical staff to make honest notes in my medical chart. When it comes down to it, what they put in the chart is there to communicate with each other and protect themselves in case of a lawsuit or insurance investigation. My chart says nothing of how I was given the wrong size of lap band. There's a letter they sent to my PCP without my knowledge saying that I was never going to reach my weightloss potential because I had already been given 9.4 out of 10ml of fluid and I wasn't losing enough (I had lost about 40lbs at that point). They didn't ever send a follow up letter when they ordered my records from the hospital showing I really had a 14ml band. I personally think it was amazing I lost that much weight while I deprived myself of food because I was convinced I wasn't really hungry, I was just experiencing "head hunger" when really I was starving tyring to feel full on 1/2 cup of food when I had no restriction. That is just the first of several problems with my chart. I'm scared of what will happen when I see this doctor, because if I read my chart and didn't know what I had been through, I'd doubt my whole story as well. The reason for removal was a broken band not holding saline. I never had slippage, or erosion, or reflux, or vomiting. I had an EDG prior to removal and the dr told my husband post op and me in the next office visit that my esophagus looked great and had no damage, but the report in my chart says that they were doing it because of constant vomiting and damage caused by the band. Extremely eye opening.

    And I now know that I can be educated and have opinions about what has happened to me but when I discuss my past with ANY doctor I need to be tactful and keep my anger in check. If I come off as attacking a collegue or friend, they aren't going to want to treat me because they are going to be concerned that I will do the same thing to them if I have to see another doctor next. They really do protect each other. And honestly, with the crap in my chart who would they believe? the pissed off crazy fat lady in their office or the office notes of the successful surgeon they play golf with?

    I'm looking forward to meeting with Dr. A on Monday, but I'm also terrified. I cried for an hour after the last consult, at least it was only 10 minutes from my house. I'm having to go about an hour through yucky traffic to see Dr. A so I'm hoping it will be much less emotional.
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    We've had a lot of Dr. A's patients here, and I've never seen one complain about how he treated them. Some complaints about things like slow return of phone calls by the office staff, other logistical stuff, but not about the surgeon's attitude towards his patients. So I think you will have a very different experience this time. I also think your approach about not coming across as angry or crazy is the right approach. You can still tell him your actual history with the band, just stay as calm as you can, express sorrow and disappointment rather than anger, and you should be just fine.
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    honestly, I think you put this very well and are right to be concerned but hopefully Larra is right and it won't be a problem.
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    hilary1617 First time at the rodeo.

    Best wishes. Just present the facts calmly and know it is not anyone's place to judge you. You deserve to be treated as well by your doctor as s/he would treat a golf buddy. You've got this!
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