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So New

Discussion in 'Say hello!' started by Rainerific, May 31, 2017.

    Spiky Bugger

    Spiky Bugger Well-Known Member


    Aim for two pounds a month, just to shut them up.
    Ever Changing

    Ever Changing Member

    The True wildberry lemonade packets with stevia are excellent. I'm not a fan of the Mio liquids, but Kool Aid liquids with sucralose are good. I look for stevia first, then sucralose, and try to limit aspartame.
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    Rainerific New Member

    It's been a little while since I updated. So I'm working on my third month of my insurance's required doctor visits. I've lost 17 pounds since I started the low-carb diet. So I'm slowly loosing, but I'm also not stressing about being perfect. I had Japanese Hibachi (with fried rice!) for my anniversary on the 7th.

    On Monday I'm heading up to Duke for my psychiatric evaluation and to actually meet Dr. Sudan! I'm writing down my questions for him so that I don't forget to ask anything. What all should I ask him?

    I've never seen a psychologist before. I know that I need to be truthful, but I am worried (but I worry about everything...) about how that will go. They said that my visit with him will be 2 hours long!

    Anyway, I'll continue to lurk this website and gleem information. Thank you so for making it so accessible to newbies like myself!
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    Caitlunn Well-Known Member

    I had to see the shrink twice before my surgery. Both times, I was extremely nervous. I have dealt with mental illness in the past, so I was worried they were going to tell me I was "too crazy" to be operated on.

    Both times, I was pleasantly pleased with how the visit went, and I left feeling reassured. Remember, these people aren't there to just tell you no! These measures are in place to help you achieve healthy mental habits, along with the physical ones given to you with WLS.

    We all know emotional eating is a real thing. Therapists know that, as well. It's okay to admit your coping mechanisms. If anything, it's helpful. The therapist that I saw right before my surgery gave me ideas on literature to read, and even phone numbers of other patients from the practice that had volunteered to be mentors. Truely, it was very helpful.
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    CaitlynR Aspiring Wizard

    Hi! I had surgery with Dr. Guerron from Duke on 9/25/17. I just finished my 2 week pre-op appointments yesterday. Our group all talked about our interactions with our surgeons. I like my surgeon, but from what I heard Dr. Sudan sounds the best of the group in terms of taking time talking to patients, being caring, etc. I felt mine was very willing to talk about more intellectual stuff, which was great for my personality, and a bit uncomfortable with more emotional stuff, which wasn't an issue for me. Everyone was happy with the actual skill and surgical care they received.

    The psychologist visit was not a big deal for me. I do have mental illness (recurrent major depression and generalized anxiety), so she wanted something from my psychiatrist. I am also a psychologist so I knew what to expect from a general evaluation. Just be honest, psychs can often tell when people are trying to look too good. They mostly want to know if you have any past or current mental illness, especially eating disorders, and if you have the ability and motivation to follow medical recommendations. These things take a while as people in general like talking about themselves so don't be intimidated by the time allotment, it may not take that long.

    I have to drive 2 hours each way, and it is worth it as Duke really is a good hospital and the surgeons are top notch. The nutritionists are nice but I find time with them is a bit of a waste of the drive and time, especially if you are reading lots of info and talking to people here.

    They do 200-300 common channel lengths. I talked to my surgeon beforehand, and we agreed to do 100. I recently saw my post op report with all the lengths and they come very close to Hess calculations so I am very happy about that. The only thing I've been unhappy about is that the team had no concern that my iron stores were depleted before surgery despite oral supplements for months. I was able to get an iron infusion a week and a half after surgery but it took a lot of personal legwork to make it happen.

    Feel free to contact me! Ray_of_Fricken_Sunshine also had surgery from Duke a bit over 3 months ago I think.
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