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    I love the article I re read it when I am stalling.
    In the article it says to try and stay below 50 carbs a day. Is that net carbs or total carbs? What is a good carb goal for the weight loss phase? I am shooting for 20-25 net carbs. For those revision peeps I know the weight loss is slower but stalling can be painful. And is driving me crazy! LOL
    Also if your looking for a user friendly easy app to use I found Carb Manager which is another thing I love..
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    GrammyLuLuGrammyLuLu you are going to have plateaus along the way. Just keep yourself hydrated and eating protein. You should be up to or close to taking your full supplement schedule now. Read through the thread on the 3-month plateau (you will have to search for it). Your priority is to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day, then 30 grams of protein in 30 days, 60 grams of protein in 60 days, then 90 grams of protein in 90 days. Once you hit 90 try to go up to 100+ grams of protein. When you are eating that much protein (protein shakes/puddings are still okay) it is difficult to find room for carbs.

    I ate minimum carbs during the first several months -- maybe a spoonful of mashed potatoes or a cracker or two for a variety of textures and tastes. As I approached 6 months I ate around 50-75 grams of carbs. Now that I am maintaining, I eat about 100 grams of carbs daily. If my weight goes up, I cut back down to 50-75 grams.

    You will get there! It seems slow but before you know the first year will be over and you will have lost a good deal of weight. I was told that most people lose 100# during the first year and that was true for me.
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    Yep, you are going to hit plateaus and the are frustrating, but they will end and you will start losing again. :)

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    I’m about 4 months out and noticed sluggish weight loss and stalls at about 2 months until I cut carbs to 40 total. I don’t count net because I don’t know what my new insides are absorbing. I can eat a pretty large amount now and guzzle water. If I keep my carbs to 40 and my protein 125 or more then I’m good. Started at 248 and I’m 197 now, more than halfway to goal. My common channel is long, 125, so I’m focused to get the weight off and not mess around!!!! Lower your carbs and up your protein and water!
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