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    TheWeightIsOver Lara in California

    Thank you all so much for your feedback and advice! I'm bummed out about the patches now... Alex Brecher, the Founder of BariatricPal started a thread on there titled, "Do you use PatchMD vitamin patches?" and the responses/reviews were quite positive! But considering that they just started a DS forum, those who responded were mainly VSG folks, like me. What caught my attention and made me order them was the outpouring of people saying their lab results have either improved or continue to look great... I scheduled a doctor's appointment today for 11/21 and will be getting a bunch of tests done then. I have not seen a doctor in almost two years (bad Lara, I know), so the results should be interesting. I am generally anemic, but we'll see how it all goes down. Thank you for the tip on the vitamin injections -- There is a private clinic very close to my house that offers all kinds of vitamin shots for $30-50. I will definitely keep them in mind as I switch to the DS. Won't be taking advantage of the PatchMD year end sale, that's for sure! Thank you! <3
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    Just my two cents worth: I was on an antidepressant patch. No matter how I cleaned the area, it would not stay on. I know patches have some use, but I will avoid them if at all possible. If I can't keep them attached they aren't doing any good.

    DianaCox Bad Cop

    Alex Brecher "just started" a DS board? Bwahahahaha - he's been "trying" to start one for years. Nobody worthwhile will join, because the smart DSers don't need him. We're here.

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    The science just isn't there. This is marketing of an unproven drug delivery system, and everyone should know that no vitamin patches have been rigorously evaluated or approved by the FDA. Getting a predictable and high enough dose of anything though the skin is extremely challenging, even for the pharma company that spent hundreds of millions of dollars perfecting the nicotine patch, which is for short term use only. Unlikely that these vitamin companies have spent an equivalent amount researching the success of vitamin delivery through different skin types, at various ages, in different climates, and with different vitamins and minerals. When it is for long term use, you have to also add in changing dosing needs over a lifetime.

    I know there is a lot of money to be made in this. It concerns me that even oral vitamins are not monitored by the FDA for purity, safety and concentration, and this adds the unpredictability of dosing via the transdermal delivery.

    I wouldn't venture to promote or sell this unproven technology, at any price, for a DS patient. We aren't just casual vitamin users whose health doesn't really depend on the successful delivery of the right dose.
    Laney B

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    thank you so much for this info!! esp about how one relates to sweets after... i have had problems with yeast beast and i'm hoping that this surgery and the high protein high fat diet will kill that dead!!

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Don't count on surgery killing it. I still adore bread. I just don't like how I feel when I ingest TOO much...but TOO much is subjective...my TOO much is probably way more than someone elses. I still eat bread products, just keep a running total in my head (based on 2 decades of carb counting) to know when I have reached my limit. MY limit is around 100-150 carbs...others limit themselves to 50 and we are talking total not net (voodoo math).

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