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Discussion in 'Duodenal Switch' started by JPreiss, Sep 3, 2017.


    JPreiss Active Member

    Well it's officially two months today since my surgery. I am doing very well, feeling great. My back has completely stopped hurting, I can sleep in my bed again (I spent 2 months sleeping on my couch!) I am down 32 pounds from day of surgery, 45 pounds from highest weight earlier this summer. Some weeks it's only a 1.5 pound loss and I panic thinking that's it, I'm going to stop losing weight, other weeks it's 4 pounds. I just have to keep on believing and working it. I am focusing on protein and fat and it doesn't suck being able to eat creamy sauces, cheese, etc :) Eating out is an adjustment. Went to a Korean chicken place last night and got the small platter, was dismayed at how gigantic it was, couldn't make much of a dent in it, lots of leftovers! Walking 45 minutes a day and just started light weight training this past week. Looking forward to labwork next month to check in on my vitamin levels.

    Best moment was last week when I had to spend the entire day with one hand free hiking up my shorts before they fell down and had to go digging in my closet for my pile of one size down shorts (I have everything from size 8 to size 24 in my closet!) Also have gone from highest BMI of 44 in early summer to a 36 BMI. Almost out of morbid obesity range! I'm also closing in (3 pounds away!) on first number on scale being a "1". That will be momentous.

    Blessed that I discovered duodenal switch and had the courage to do it, largely in part to info and advice on this forum and on obesity help. I have a friend that was talking about getting a lap band or the balloon because she wants something reversible. I toyed so much with getting gastric bypass or gastric sleeve instead of DS, very happy with my choice.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend, y'all!

    Larra Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your excellent progress!

    I don't understand the mind set of wanting something reversible. If/when she (or it, since the patient has only limited control) reverses, she will reverse right back to where she started. MO is a chronic disease, a temporary solution will be temporary.
    And, as someone on another forum also pointed out, removable doesn't always mean reversible. Some people with bands are left with permanent damage even after the band is removed. Your friend needs to do more research.

    JPreiss Active Member

    I agree completely! But I don't want to seem like I'm pushing my choice on her, just told her to let me know if she wants more info on my surgery or websites I scoured when making my decision....

    southernlady Administrator Staff Member

    Between that and showing that there is a WLS option that allows for meat, fat, meat, fat, bacon and more bacon!
    Ever Changing

    Ever Changing Active Member

    J - Great to hear that you are doing so well. It seems like we were having our DSs a long time ago, not just two months.

    All is good here too. My weight loss is much, much slower, but I only had 25-30 pounds to lose. I have lost 15 of those, but most of it was the first two weeks. Without a re-sleeve and given that my primary reason for DS was not weight loss, I expected it to be a slow-go.

    When I got a ride from San Diego to the hospital, someone else in the car was going there for a balloon. I wanted to shake some sense into her -- or have her let us know how that worked out in a year or so.

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