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    I had my revision from VSG to DS April 7th. It was the best decision I have ever made. I don't know if I would have had the nerve to do this without all the information I learned on this site. I also followed the vitamin regimen posted by Stefanie S, that was extremely helpful. I have been fortunate enough not to have diarrhea other than 2 times since surgery. Both times were when I ate things I shouldn't have had. I tend to have constipation. I was obsessed with the scale in the beginning. What a mistake! I would go weeks without losing weight and then after 3 weeks lose 6 lbs. I finally listened to the posts to other people to stay off the scale. I have lost 49 lbs. I'm down from 235 to 186. I go shopping in my basement as I go down sizes. (Clothes I had when I lost weight from the VSG) The feeling is wonderful! My husband and I have been working out at Planet Fitness 3 times a week since the middle of June. Then we head to our favorite restaurant for breakfast. I have 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, and 2 ham. I don't eat the hash browns or pancakes, like I did before surgery. I take home the bacon and ham and eat that for a snack. We ride our bicycles 5 miles five nights a week. I feel great! Thanks to everyone on this site, life feels good!
    In June I did go through a time where I was so tired I could hardly walk from my bedroom to the bathroom. My PCP did test my iron level and I am anemic. (I was before surgery too) I asked her about iron injections, but she said no, she gave me an iron prescription and took me off my high blood pressure medicine. She has been really cold to me since I gave her the letter I got off this site (Letter to Your PCP). At my 3 month appointment, I asked if she was going to order my vitamin bloodwork. I told her I wanted to make sure I was taking the right vitamins, knowing the malabsorption of this surgery. She got huffy and said "all bariatric surgeries have malabsorption, not just this one". "Just take your Centrum and iron and you'll be just fine". She said she may order my vitamin labs in a couple months. I also asked her about a couple bloodwork readings I got back, ( some where high and some were low) when she did my iron, but I never got an answer from her. My records show I had bariatric surgery, but not the specific surgery I had. I have asked and asked to have them put the specific surgery I had, but I was told it really doesn't make a difference if the record just says bariatric surgery. I'm really beginning to wonder if I'm expecting too much or if she just doesn't care.
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    You need another PCP. She is not on board with WLS of any kind as shown by her arrogance and has no clue about the DS. You need labs drawn to be able to maintain your health and you must take FAR more than a Centrum and iron. If you have anemia, one doesn't have to have a MD to know YOU AREN'T PROPERLY ABSORBING IRON and need infusions.

    I suggest going to free bariatric surgery support group meetings for the sole purpose of asking people about their PCPs in order to find a new one.

    While you're finding someone new: There is someone here who works for a company that can have your labs drawn at Quest and get you the results. They have a doc in every state to "order" the tests, however I do not think they take insurance payments.

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    New PCP time. We should not be paying docs who do not want to care for us.

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    Yeah, new PCP time.

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    I'm medically illiterate, can you tell me what the following are? HGB 11.4, Range 12.0-16.0; HCT 35.2, Range 36.0-48.0; MCV 79.2, Range 80.0-99.0; MCH 25.6, Range 27.3-32.5; RDW 15.9, Range 11.6-14.8; Folate >20 ng/ml, Range 5.4-20.3; Vitamin B12 1047 pg/mL, Range 211-911; Potassium 3.3 mmol/L, Range 3.5-5.1; BUN 35 mg/dL, range 7-18. Iron 27 ug/dL, Range 50-170; Total iron bind capacity 475 ug/dL, Range 250-450; %iron saturation 6%, Range 20-55. I don't know how else to find out what the above is since my PCP wouldn't explain.

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    What a great report @nedsmehlp@nedsmehlp! Your husband sounds like a wonderful support for you. Dr. K has been ordering my bloodwork. Why don't you ask him (via Kristina or Silva) to order your bloodwork for you. I'm with the others here --- get a new PCP. You need someone who understands or at least tries to understand the DS and your medical needs.

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    Your pcp has no understanding of bariatric surgery, and the really sad part is that she has no interest in learning about it, even though it's part of medicine and even though she has at least one patient (you) who has had bariatric surgery and needs an informed pcp to take care of her. If she had a patient with, let's say, congestive heart failure or pneumonia, she probably wouldn't hesitate to learn how to care for that patient if she didn't already know. But obesity? Bariatric surgery? Forget about it!
    You need a new pcp. Someone who is ignorant but willing and able to learn could be a great pcp. Someone who doesn't care to learn is dangerous.
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    You need another PCP, stat.

    Your iron is low, as is your potassium. Your B vites are a little high.

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